Rain Water Tank Installation

Save On Your Water Bills And Our Pure Water

With drought conditions across Australia and water restrictions getting tighter each year, it makes sense to install a rainwater tank.

Rainwater run-off from your roof can be stored in a rainwater tank and can provide a valuable source of water for flushing toilets, washing machines, watering gardens and washing cars.

This Winter Special Install A Rain Water Tank And 10% Of Our Profits Will Be Donated To Countries In Need Of Fresh Water.

Why use rainwater?

  • Using rainwater can reduce your water bills as rainwater is free.
  • Collecting rainwater allows you to be prepared for times of low rainfall, so you can still maintain your garden, especially if there are water restrictions in your area.
  • Capturing rainwater reduces the load on stormwater systems because roof runoff is not flushed into the drains.

Benefits of installing a rainwater tank

  • Saves large amounts of water which can be used in the garden or in the home.
  • Requires a relatively simple system which is easy to use.
  • During the wet season, when the garden doesn't need any extra watering, rainwater can be connected to the house and used for toilet flushing as well as in the laundry.
  • Rainwater is also suitable for use in pools and for washing cars.
  • In some rural areas, it is possible to use rainwater for all domestic uses, and not draw upon the mains supply.

Don't Pour Your Money Down The Drain! Install A Rain Water Tank.
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