Storm Water And Drainage

Typical applications of a Drainage Solution

Disaster Blaster Plumbing Services have a team of highly skilled Sydney Drainage specialists to meet your drainage needs around the home or your commercial application.

Our Sydney Drainage specialists provide a complete solution for the collection and spreading of surface water. Typical applications include around patios, swimming pools, sports courts, and gardens, across driveways, along pathways and retaining walls

Drainage Solution should be implemented in any area where surface water collects to avoid water surface dispersion around your home or commercial business.

Stormwater drainage and Collection pits installation

Disaster blaster plumbing services have a team of licenced Sydney drainage plumbers that are highly trained and experienced with designing a stormwater drainage system that prevents flooding or contaminants from entering the stormwater water catchment area. We also install Collection pits can be fitted with Reln Leaf Guards to prevent leaves and other debris clogging pipes, stormwaters, and waterways. storm water and drainage

Stormwater collection

Stormwater is collected from a number of sources and you need to be familiar with each one, as it will influence the way you control the flow of water.

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Roof water

This is an important source of stormwater and needs to be managed by our drainage specialists to ensure the run-off goes where it should. Our team of qualified professionals will determine the best suitable size of downpipe indicated by the intensity or the rainfall.

Surface water

Water that travels over paved or unpaved areas is surface water. In this case, our friendly staff will reflect on the types of surface (pervious or impervious) and the structure and fall of the surface to arrange the best drainage system preventing flooding which can potentially cause damage to your landscape, gardening and outdoor alfresco areas of your house, office, or establishment.

Subsoil water

Water trapped in water-bearing ground is referred to as subsoil water. Subsoil water can:

  • flow from an next-door property
  • be trapped behind a brick wall and its foundations
  • collect at a low spot.

Subsoil drain

A subsoil drain is laid underground by a drainage specialist and allows for the collection and passage of subsoil water to a stormwater drain.

This can be used to increase the stability of the land especially around building footings, reduce surface water for example, under a lawn and reduce subsoil water pressure such as in a building basement.

Important Notice.

Under Local Law, all household drains, and their maintenance, are the responsibility of the resident. This means the section of drainage that lies within the property boundaries are also residents' responsibility. Council recommends only licensed plumbers be used for any private drain or plumbing works you may require


Stormwater is rainwater plus anything the rain carries along with it. Stormwater can be considered a valuable resource. re-using storm Water can result to water savings and reduced environmental impact. Consider a rain water tank call us for our special winter offer. 1300 700 944
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Stormwater drainage blockage removal and maintenance

If there is an overflow of rain water in your gutters or downpipe then there could be a potential blockage call our blocked drain specialist today 1300 700 944. We recommend one of our friendly Sydney emergency plumbers have your domestic or commercial plumbing as well as gutters, down pipes, and drains cleaned and cleared at least once every six months to maintain the health of your plumbing drainage systems.