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Blocked Drains

Disaster Blaster Plumbing Drainage Specialists are local and available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our Blocked drain specialists are licensed , experienced and equipped with custom built drainage service vehicles to repair your drainage issue urgently and cost effectively having your house or business safe and operational again in no time.

Prevent further damage to your home & property

Blocked drains are a common occurrence in any Household or Business and bring lots of damage financially and cause huge inconvenience. Disaster Blaster Plumbing Services have over a decade of experience and attention to detail that enables our expert team of licensed drainage specialists to diagnose and repair your drain issues from blocked sewer drains, blocked storm water pipes, blocked sinks, blocked shower drains, and cracked pipes Sydney Wide 24/7.

Guaranteed 99% of Blocked Sewers Cleared within the Hour!

Our expert team can help! We have the latest technology and techniques needed helping you solve any Blocked Drain efficiently at a competitive price.
With over 12 years experience in Blocked Drains Sydney at Disaster Blaster Plumbing, we pride ourselves with our extensive experience as plumbing specialists committed in delivering the best plumbing drainage solutions at the most cost effective and least disruptive resolution for your home or business

5 Warning Signs of a Blocked Drain Sydney

Often your pipes that become blocked are hidden deep underground, under your floor or in your walls. This makes it hard to diagnose a blocked drain, so there are
a few things to take note of if you suspect a blocked drain

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Are your drains producing unpleasant smells?

Are your drains emitting a gurgling sound?

Is your shower, bath or basin slow to drain after use?

Water level on your toilet too high or low when flushed?

Is there evidence of waste water coming through your drain and flooding your property with raw sewage?


Our Mission & Passion

At Disaster Blaster Plumbing, you’ll receive the friendly, personalised service you’d expect from any professional, efficient & experienced company.

Our local blocked drain specialist plumbers are skilled at identifying and fixing drainage issues on-site right the first time or we guarantee to come back FREE!

Our mission is to provide 100% customer satisfaction as our priority which makes us one of the best choices for Blocked Drain Sydney Specialists. If you require an emergency or scheduled blocked drain service Sydney, give us a call any time, we can rapidly resolve the most stubborn of blockages in and around Sydney 24/7.

Latest Equipment
& Drain Technology


On-time every time, giving you peace of mind

Disaster Blaster Plumbing use the best range of drain machines, high pressure water jetters, drain locators and CCTV inspection equipment to clean and clear any blocked drain. There is no blockage we can’t clear.

Contact us today to speak to our friendly and helpful staff that can book a time suitable for you and offer advice on minimising the damage to your property.

Our Blocked
Drain Expertise


No stress, No mess & No digging!

We specialise in Blocked Drain Sydney services, in undertaking a range of drainage services, from conducting CCTV drain Camera surveys and resolving blockages, to drain pipe relining & more intensive drain repairs.

Whatever the cause of your blockage we can guarantee to fix it in the most cost effective way for you to prevent future ongoing problems that become expensive, saving you the headache, time, money and your landscape.

Why is your
drain blocked?

Discover the various reasons that could be causing your drain blockage, how serious they can be

While you may think that blocked drains Sydney occurs suddenly it actually is a build up over some time that the blockage becomes thickened and stubborn to remove with standard DIY methods or simple tools like a plunger.

In this case it would be wise to call expert Blocked Drain Specialists from Disaster Blaster Plumbing to handle the blocked drain with leading plumbing equipment in a timely manner.


There are various reasons that could be causing your drain blockage; a few of these are;


Tree Roots

The most common cause of blocked pipes. Tree roots can enter a pipe through a crack or loose joints and will regrow within 3-12 months if the pipe is not repaired


Broken Pipes

Rough edges can catch waste material in turn causing a build up which will eventually block the pipe. This will reoccur after clearing the pipe if the pipe is not repaired


Hair Drain Blockage

Another common drainage problem is the build up of hair in shower & bath drains


Grease Blockage

Grease & food can easily build up in your property’s sinks and drains, causing potentially bigger problems in the future


Organic Blockages

Plants, dirt & natural debris in water drains.



Toiletries & other foreign objects, from wet wipes to children's toys


Water Flow

Poor water flow from lower than normal water pressure


Heavy Rain

Unusually heavy wet weather can cause strain on drainage system

Protect your drain & your property

To ensure your drain is free from defects we recommend CCTV drain camera inspection after clearing the BLOCKED DRAINS to determine any further problems

The Danger of
Blocked Drains

Avoid costly repairs & health risks for your family & property

The sooner you recognise the warning signs of a main sewer line blockage, the better.

A clog in the main sewer line that goes ignored or unnoticed can lead to risk of damage to your home, building or office ending in costly repairs and can also expose your family to contaminated water.


Causing Backflow

It’s never pleasant to have a blocked toilet, but some blocked drains can be even more unpleasant if they cause back-flow meaning you could have sewerage coming up in multiple places inside or outside your home or business


Tree Roots

Along with many causes of blocked pipes Sydney Over time tree roots may break and block a pipe leaving your waste water nowhere to go but back out of the drain and into your home!


Multiple Drains Affected

Your home’s drain lines carry wastewater away from your home and into the main sewer line while the drain lines connect to each water fixture (all secondary lines feed into your main sewer line) and because every water fixture’s drain eventually connects to the main sewer line, a blockage in that main line will affect various drains in your home.

How Multiple
Blocked Drains can
Affect your
Drainage & Property

Ask us about replacing your sewer line with NO STRESS NO MESS AND NO DIG Pipe Relining innovated system saving you the headache, time, money and your landscape.

We will also offer FREE advise on steps to prevent blocked drains in future whether it be your Storm water pipe, toilet drain, shower or sink drain or your main sewer lines.

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How Do We Clear Blocked Drains Sydney?

Our 3 Step Process


Drain Cleaning


CCTV Drain Inspection


Check Damage & Explanation

Step 1

Drain Cleaning

To get started, our experienced licensed specialist plumbers from Disaster Blaster Plumbing will visit your home or business and conduct a thorough assessment and testing to best determine the resolution. Whether a sufficient plunge is all that is needed or the use of our custom built truck mounted 5000psi high pressure water jet blaster reaching up to 100m by threading it through your blocked drain line to release and completely flush out the obstruction causing the blocked drain.

This modern cost-effective and fast resolving tool has high-speed with various cutting heads that can cut through pretty much anything, including large tree roots, steel or even concrete with zero damage done to the integrity of the drain.
We rarely, if at all, need to dig anything when using a high pressure jet blaster but for uncommon situations, we might require digging a small hole for pipe or draining access, although clients are assured that their site will be restored to its original state in order to get to the appropriate drain pipe.

Step 2

CCTV Drain Inspection

Expert Drainers at Disaster Blaster Plumbing Services then will use their high technology CCTV drain pipe camera and locator to pass through your blocked drain once the obstruction has been cleared and locate what’s causing the clogging issues and report the condition of the pipe work. The camera gives us a high resolution live video which allows us to manoeuvre the camera as needed to get around objects and get to the source to establish the best long lasting effective solution for your blocked drain Sydney.

The CCTV Drain Camera Inspection gives our plumbers helpful information such as: where the blockage is located within the pipe, the size of the blockage and also what’s causing the blockage. If there is no obvious reason for the blockage nothing further needs to be done. Your plumbing system should be back to working order.

Step 3

Check Damage & Explanation

In most cases a blocked drain is able to be cleared by using just a hydro-jet drain cleaner. The purpose built, high flow water jetter is able to dislodge the majority of blockages with ease.

If we notice a problem like a crack in the pipe line, dislocation, bow or belly in the line, dislodgement of the pipe or tree roots invasion due to cracks then we proceed to give you detailed expert solution to repair or replaces the issues affecting your drain, including the cause of the problem, how to address it, and how to fix it appropriately in a timely manner.

If any of these major issues have caused the blockage then we can look at providing with you a FREE Quote with all the techniques we will use and the most cost effective charges involved. This will assist you in making an informed decision about the entire process. Our specialists are efficient and experienced in all blocked drain repairs and replacements like Excavation of the line or Trenchless pipe relining which is a more innovative sophisticated method that is cleaner, cost effective and saves your landscape.

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