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CCTV Drain Inspection

A CCTV drainage survey, also known as a CCTV drain inspection, is when a small drain inspection camera is threaded through a storm water drain pipe or sewer line to locate the cause of the blockage and display it on a screen.

For the severe clogs that a drain snake or hydro jetter cannot repair, we use a CCTV video camera to inspect the drain pipes as the quickest methods which provides an accurate, efficient and cost-effective drainage diagnosis.

We are the experts in drain repair services, working with both commercial and domestic customers.

Sewer survey or CCTV Drain Inspection from our expert team of Specialist at Disaster Blaster Plumbing could be what you need to permanently resolve your drainage issue.

If you have frequent problems with your home or business drain pipes, don’t wait for it to get worse, have it repaired as soon as possible! Contact our expert experienced plumbers to schedule a CCTV drain Camera inspection.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection Services

Sewage pipe inspections

Storm water pipe inspections

When buying a new home, a CCTV Drain Survey is one of the most important things to do. Often overlooked, a drain survey of a property will uncover any existing issues invisible above ground.

Building an extension will need a pre-build survey to find out the state of the drains below the extension.

Problems with rats and other rodent

A CCTV Drain Survey can identify why you have surface flooding into your property.

Broken drains or leaking drains can cause subsidence under your property. A CCTV Drain Survey can identify any issues.

On-going drain problems can cause smells; waste can start to surface, a CCTV drain survey will help locate this issue.

Commercial and domestic property pipe lines.

Why Do Drains Need Repairing?

Foul odours, blocked sinks or flooded appliances are all obvious signs that things aren’t as they should be with a drainage system. A Drain Camera Inspection is the most effective way to quickly identify an issue.

There are many reasons why drains might need repairing. Often it’s due to the use of old pipe work that has corroded, tree root invasions, break/cracks or bow/belly in the pipe line.

Drain Camera Inspection is highly recommended if you have an ongoing problem of having to clear your blocked drain because it will allow our highly trained Sydney plumbers to evaluate the problem and evaluate an efficient cost effective permanent fix.

The Drain Camera Inspection procedure will insure our plumbers get to the bottom of the issue and resolve you’re broken or damaged pipes, offset pipes, blockages, leaks, root invasion and so much more!

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Disaster Blaster Pluming can do a CCTV survey and find the damage and replace with new pipes if needed.

Disaster Blaster Plumbing services are the trusted experienced expert plumbers to use CCTV drain camera inspection videos to Identify pipe drainage issues before they manifest into more significant problems that can be damaging.

Drain Survey Report

Once your drain inspection is complete, our expert qualified plumbers in drainage systems will analyse the findings from the survey, which will allow the professionals to have an accurate understanding of your drain’s condition.

While the camera for the CCTV drain surveys the area, with the high-definition findings, we can precisely locate any cracks or blockages that are responsible for or your drainage issue making the repair solution process quicker, easier and cost effective.

On-time every time, giving you peace of mind

The CCTV camera drain inspection is recorded and displayed on a monitor that we will send to you to clearly and specifically explain the problem with your broken or blocked drain.

All of our CCTV drain survey equipment is the state of the art and purpose-built for CCTV surveys, to give us the best results when producing the video footage and drains survey report.

No stress, No mess & No digging!

We want you to have your drain system performing at its best all year round.

Rest assured we are fully licensed and are always careful, punctual and courteous. Disaster Blaster Plumbing endeavour to show you and your home the respect it deserves.

So what if your pipes are damaged?

There are a few potential options you can take.

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You can replace your sewer or storm water clay pipes with new PVC pipes. New PVC pipes are better at stopping tree roots from penetrating them.

Trenchless pipe relining No Dig No Mess No Stress pipe replacing.

You may be able to drain reline your sewer or storm water pipes which is what we would highly recommend to save your money time and landscape. This will save digging up your property and therefore an economical alternative to replacing the pipes.


Our licensed blocked drains Sydney professionals at Disaster Blaster Plumbing have undergone the most extensive training possible in every aspect of blocked drain clearing, including the accurate use of the CCTV drain camera.

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Disaster Blaster Plumbing Services have built up a solid reputation and trust. It’s always our goal to provide you with a solution saving you time, money and hassle on:


Here Is Our Process

One of our CCTV Drain Camera Plumbing Specialists in Sydney will visit your property and record the drain.

With a CCTV drain camera location device, we will precisely locate the exact cause of the drainage issue.

We will then show you the recorded Camera Inspection video and clearly explain the problems with your drain.

A free permanent effective solution plan will be supplied giving you expert options to fix the problem forever cost effectively in a timely manner.

We have carried out thousands of CCTV Drain Camera Survey Inspections Sydney wide drain and offer the best and most cost-effective expert solutions and FREE advice and quote on drain survey service solutions.

Contact us today for a comprehensive range of drain repair services. Don’t panic Disaster Blaster Plumbing Services are here help!


We can also repair using the latest drain relining no-dig technology saving you money, time, and your landscape, or when needed, drain excavations.

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