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Trenchless Pipe Relining

No More Blocked Drains. Trenchless Pipe Relining Is A Permanent Solution

Drain Relining will prevent blocked Drainage issues from happening again if the blockage was due to the line being Brocken, cracked, dislodged or dislocated usually due to tree roots invading the line. Trenchless Drain Relining method is a recommended alternative to a more disruptive drain repair that involves excavation.

Disaster Blaster Plumbing Services use industry leading technology with licensed skilled professionals that allow our team of Sydney plumbers to create a new sewer pipe or stormwater pipe within your old one to all Sydney Suburbs. It's the ultimate in sewer drain and stormwater pipe treatment, which can place a new pipe inside the old one's cavity. We guarantee to remain competitively priced, because we are dedicated to ensure that it is affordable for our customers!

We specialise in creating a new stronger pipe, within your existing pipeline in a fast and efficient manner at a competitive price.

Speak to our Drain Relining Sydney Plumbing expert today to arrange the best time for us to visit or speak with you. We can provide you with a detailed FREE quote for your expert Drain Relining Services! We guarantee to fix it right the first time or we come back free!

Pipe Relining

At Disaster Blaster Plumbing Services we have access to the best drain relining equipment and will assure your drain line repair is handled promptly and effectively. Our wealth of experience in delivering expert sewer pipe lining repairs places us at the forefront of no dig drain repair services at the most competitive price while continually achieving optimal safe results.

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The trenchless pipe relining technology works by pushing a liner through the existing pipe cavity that has been impregnated with a fibre glass lining. As it winds through the pipe, it is unrolled to the size and shape of the inside of the cavity, and is able to provide a seamless new pipe within the old one, even through different diameters, and around multiple 90 degree bends fill all holes, or cracks that are in your existing pipe.

The fibre glass lining is then cured in place to form a hard shell, and leave behind a new pipe that is even stronger than the PVC one which will stop any blockages from happening in the near future and stopping pesky tree roots from being able to penetrate through again

Most importantly, trenchless repairs can save you money on restoration to your property. Trenchless pipe relining  is the best option for drain repair without digging beneath things like your house, veranda, the street, paved areas, driveways, beautiful gardens, pools, ponds and trees. The cost to dig up, destroy and replace these items will generally far outweigh the Pipe relining cost.

  • Save Landscaping
  • Save Pools
  • Save Digging Up Concrete
  • Save Trees
  • Save Driveways
  • Save Walls & Buildings

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Disaster Blaster Plumbing Services have built up a solid reputation and trust. It’s always our goal to provide you with a solution saving you time, money and hassle on:


Benefits of Pipe Patch Relining Sydney?

Eliminates structural disturbances caused by excavation.

Installation requires minimum outlay for equipment, slashes labour costs by up to 80%, eliminates the need for costly equipment hire, making patch relining cost effective.

A patch reline can be carried out in as little as 4 hours.

Patch relining has been backed by years of local research and development, as well as our depth of experience.

Patch relining key component is Organic Mineral Resins. The mineral resins possess properties ideally suited to sewer age and other chemically unfriendly environments.

It is a high quality non-shrink resin that is solvent free with low odour.

The resin combines with the specific complex woven fibreglass repair materials to provide a superior point of repair offering both structural enhancement and leak prevention and sealing of pipes with negligible loss to the pipe diameter.

The relining process is fully guaranteed. With a 50 year design life, the repair gives you permanent solution and peace of mind.

Patch relining is becoming more and more popular due to its cost effectiveness, especially when under driveways, under buildings and where excavation costs are high.

Save your driveways, gardens, pools and landscaping, NO DIGGING means you don’t have to re-establish landscaping which means you can save money. Many mature plants and trees may be irreplaceable.

Patch relining eliminates disruptions to access areas, traffic, and pedestrians.

Our plumbers can line any pipe whether it is horizontal or vertical, round or rectangular, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, or any other waste situation.

Disaster Blaster Plumbing Services Guarantees to save you thousands of dollars. We assure warranty for all our services provided. Generally pipe relining works can be completed with minimal disruptions to you and neighbours and completed in 1 day.



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