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Leaking Taps Repairs

You may have a leaky tap causing water loss.

Taps just like most things will wear out and require a service from time to time. The main causes of taps leaking are either the tap washer has split or has disintegrated, or the spindle washer or the "O" has perished at the base of the tap, or the "seat" of the tap has cracks in it. The remedy is to simply reseat & rewasher the tap.

Disaster Blaster Plumbing tap repair services include:

Dripping Taps

Mixer Taps

Arthritis Taps

Fix Or Install A Garden Tap

A Tap That Won’t Turn Off

Service All Makes And Models taps

Modernise Your Bathroom, kitchen, laundry or commercial establishment With new Tap ware

Taps Replacement

Our ranges of taps are both practical and stylish. Alternatively, you can provide your own tap ware that we can install for you. You will be surprised at how the improvement of your taps will upgrade the look of your kitchen or bathroom in the most economical way.

Check out our special page for our special offers and packages available that we supply and install for set prices. We guarantee both our work and any tap ware we supply and install. Click Here for Specials

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Tap Washer service

A Tap Washer service includes new washers for both hot and cold taps, greasing and reseating and changing of O-rings. There are three main types of taps and each requires a different method when repairing leaks:

  1. Spindle and Jumper Valve (tap washer) – requires the changing of the tap washer and the re-seating of the brass seat.
  2. Spindle with Ceramic Disk – requires replacement of the entire spindle and re-seating of the brass seat.
  3. Mixers – requires changing of cartridges.

Shower Taps leaking

Beware of Shower Taps leaking from the O-rings, if left dripping the water can run back along the length of the tap into the wall cavity, causing water damage in the walls and further expensive damages so call our emergency 24/7 Sydney plumbers today to rectify your leaks from causing further ruin to your whole bathroom.

At Disaster Blaster Plumbing Services we highly recommend the use of the Aqualoc Tap System (replaces usual washers and stops leaking taps). Our reliable Sydney plumbers will install, replace or repair your taps giving you the best value for your money so they don’t leak and are easier to turn on and off to avoid causing further damage and further costs incurred. All our vans carry an extensive range of replacement parts for the minor job of replacing a washer for a leaking tap to installing a new mixer so the job can be completed in the least amount of time.

Water Hammer

Are your pipes playing a frustrating drum beat when they are turned on, do you need to fiddle with the water pressure to make it stop. Water Hammer is your answer.

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There may be a few causes of water hammer either loose-fitting pipes in the wall or high water pressure so give us a call and we assure to rectify your plumbing problems.

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Professional Plumbing Services

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Kitchens or bathrooms facelift

We will give your kitchen or bathroom a facelift for an affordable price without an entire renovation by simply upgrading your tap ware, toilet or vanity. Whatever you need we are on call 24/7 Sydney wide


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