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Hot Water Systems Repair or Replacement

Just give our hot water systems plumbing specialists Sydney a call and we’ll handle everything to improve your family’s comfort from identifying the cause of your heater problem and advise you on the best resolution from repairing or replacing your gas, electric or tankless hot water system, choosing the right model, efficient and cost-effective installation, follow-up support and maintenance giving you an honest upfront pricing no surprises. We also offer FREE no obligation quotes.

At the forefront of our customers’ minds is the question, “Is this something that can be fixed, or do I need to buy a new one?” Most water heater problems are easy to diagnose. There are many components to a gas, electric or tankless water heater that may require adjustment to restore hot water to your home.

Sometimes simple plumbing maintenance, such as flushing your water heater, will resolve the issue.

Flushing your hot water system usually involves draining the water from your tank and then running water through the system to flush out sediments and minerals. Often, flushing the tank does the trick.

Hot Water - Ruptured & Leaking Tank

A hot water tank will usually last about 6 – 10 years before it decides to rupture or leak. The main cause is that the cylinder walls have corroded from rust.
Ask us about rust protection by replacing the sacrificial anode. They can also rupture due to a faulty safety valve. We can check your valve FREE of charge.

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How Can You Make The Hot Water Unit Last Longer?

Every Enamel (glass) lined mains pressure hot water tank is fitted with either one or two Sacrificial Anodes, which protect the tank from corrosion.

Unfortunately sacrificial anodes do not last much longer than the standard warranty period of the tank, which is 5 years. We recommend that they are checked and replaced every 3-4 years to ensure the maximum life of your tank. In addition we recommend that your tank should be drained and flushed every 5 years.

Why Replace The Anode?

The Anode is “sacrificial”, meaning that it is a softer alloy than the cylinder and all corrosion will occur at the Anode and not your cylinder.

Seven Very Good Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Anode And Taper Valve Every 3-5 Years.

  1. Your hot water tank will last years longer.
  2. You will save money $$$ by making the tank last up to 3* times longer *(this will depend on water quality and regular servicing of your unit).
  3. You will save on the inconvenience and the hassle of frequent hot water replacements.
  4. You will save $$$ on electricity or gas when your tank is operating correctly.
  5. You will be helping the environment, (less tank replacements, less disposal at our ever diminishing rubbish dumps).
  6. You will not be wasting valuable resources (electricity, gas & water).
  7. Your hot water will be much cleaner for showers, dish washing and the laundry.

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When to Replace Your Water Heater

Conventional hot water heaters have an average lifespan of about 10 years. If your system is reaching that age, it may be time to think about replacing it with a newer, more energy-efficient model.

  • The average lifespan of a home water heater can be about 10 years. Beyond that timeframe, it may not be economical to pursue a repair when something goes wrong.
  • Tankless water heater technology has improved considerably in recent years. More efficient and powerful units are now available that provide hot water on demand without the hassle.
  • Replacing your home water heater with a new ENERGY STAR®-certified model can save you money on your monthly utility bill.
  • Upgrading your home water heater is a great opportunity to check for leaks and other inefficiencies that may be compromising your system’s overall efficiency. Insulating piping around the heater and its tank can also reduce energy use.

Common Issues with hot water systems

The types of issues that your hot water system may have will depend on the type that you have.

  • Dirty water:The water may come out brown or rust-coloured. This is often caused by a rusted tank. Another element of the water heater may have broken and corroded inside of the tank as well.
  • No hot water:If the water does not heat at all, this may signal a defect with the wiring or heating mechanism. If the water heater is powered by gas, the pilot light may be out or the control valve may need to be replaced.
  • Not enough hot water:Your water heater may be too small for your needs. If this is not the case, the water heater may not be receiving enough power to the heating element.
  • Water heater makes noise:Strange sounds knocking or rumbling coming from your water heater. This is most likely due to a build-up of sediment inside
  • Gas has turned off suddenly and will not re ignite
  • A leak in your water heater
  • Odd odour from the Taps or water heater
  • metallic tasting water from the Taps
  • Obvious damage around the unit
  • unit age is between 6-10 years old


If your tank has sprung a leak you will need to turn off the water pressure quickly to prevent water damage to your property.

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The main shut off valve for your hot water tank is usually found at the bottom left or right side of your Tank.

It will either be a black round knob or a tap handle similar to your garden tap handle. To turn this valve off simply turn it in a clockwise direction until the water stops flowing. Next release any pressure remaining in the tank by activating the Safety Valve located near the top side of your tank.

The Preventative Annual Maintenance is very crucial to the health and life of your hot water system keeping it working at its best!


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